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Safety Awareness

Equipment Failure
Represents an
Unsuspecting Electrocution.


Establishing an Electrically
Safe Work Condition. Why should you voltage check the circuit after you have locked out the circuit? The Code requires you to open the disconnect to be de-energized to identify these conditions.

Severe Electric shock
Caused by Poor Workmanship


Oversized hole saw was used
to drill an access hole (A) for the
primary wiring to connect
the sign to the building power.
Unfortunately they drilled the
hole through the signs raceway
exposing the 600volt ballast leads.
(B) The sign was not properly grounded resulting in a construction worker being
hospitalized for electric shock.

Fire Waiting to Happen
No Separation or
Electrical Enclosures


(A) LED power supplies need to be
installed in an enclosure or sign body and spaced for heat per UL 48 and NEC 600.21
(B) The primary wire and equipment ground is required to be connected using Chapter 3 wiring methods to an enclosure at this point. The equipment grounding conductor is required to be connected to the enclosure or sign body at this point.

Not Having the Correct Breaker for You to Lock Out Safely


If a disconnecting means is required to be lockable open elsewhere in this code, it shall be capable of being locked in the open position. The provisions for locking shall remain in place with or without a lock installed

Hello Superman



From the time you get out of your vehicle and enter the plant, safety needs to be a concern and duty.
Whether you work in the plant or on the road accidents happen.

NFPA NEC 600.21...
Class 2 power supplies


Low Voltage Class 2 Power sources are required to be in a sign body or an electrical enclosure. The primary wiring needs to be complete and in Chapter 3 wiring methods. (arrow)
Equipment grounding can stop
at the enclosure


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